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>> actually you have seen a long-running meeting, which isn't usual. >> police, do you have anything? >> oh, my gosh, he is still here. >> he is here at time and a half. [ laughter ] >> good evening commissioner staff, steve mathias from mission statement. i will run down the incidents running in the central district. august 26th at 1:30 a victim said she was choked by a bouncer at club atmosphere. the victim said that -- he was handcuffed and escorted out by security and then released. so we're still looking into
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that. an illegal unpermitted party occurred september 9th at 3:45 a.m. police responded on report of an assault and reports of a gun. fire was called out. 200-250 people when they finally opened the door came out. i have gone to the manager who owns the building and we talked about that as far as the permit process and they said that would not happen again. september 22nd a victim had her purse stolen, total loss was about $600. september 23rd at club atmosphere, a fight broke out between patrons. there were at least three separate fights going on at this time. the fights spilled out into the alley and police were forced to deploy pepper-spray on the combatants. two brothers were arrested for being drunk in public.
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there was a battery at monroe. two patrons two, ladies said they were assaulted by the bar tender. and this is one of the situation where's it's very, very helpful to have video. because there are witnesss that said the bartender did this and that. the video showed the opposite. that the bartender was rushed. so as far as getting that in the establishments. so if something does happen, if people are drinking, you don't always see things or there is a lot of emotion, but the video gives a clear example of what is going on. let's see, last thing was just there has been a multitude of
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fights last weekend on broadway and columbus that could not be tied to an individual club. >> thank you. >> i just want to tell you, october 13th, marin county fairgrounds, dog show. >> very nice. >> see you there. >> okay. so item no. 7, commissioners comments and questions? >> i just wanted to say that the folsom street fair was really great again this year. this will be my last year hosting the rock 'n' roll stage. it's time for me to go out and have fun rather than dress up and perform like a trained dog. but it was really fin. hope you can make the castro street fair as well. >> i would like to thank everybody responsible for putting our party together. it was a nice event and first time i have been in a club for a while. and the one problem that i had
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and i think this may lead to serious issues when everybody from the staff was asked to make a funny face in the picture, there is one person on our staff that didn't do anything. [ laughter ] >> that is an issue. i agree. that is totally an issue. >> commissioner joseph told me my face was funny already. [ laughter ] >> all right. anything else? i just want to say -- >> my turn. >> it's all yours. >> sam wo the famous chinese restaurant we have the plans. we had our first community fundraiser for that. and they are going to get that
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started. and we're going to hopefully get that thing up and running again. they are going to do their late-night food. >> speaking of that, the woman that cuts my hair, no jokes. [ laughter ] she is chinese and she told me that one of the most -- if not the most expensive chinese restaurant in the united states is going in on stockton. have you heard about that? i couldn't understand if she said 15 or $50 million is going into it and the entreewill be $200. >> are you sure it's not a gentleman's club? >> some very wealthy person coming out of london to open this restaurant somewhere down in chinatown. >> not the guy on market street? >> no. >> so also my comments, this
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is a very busy weekend in san francisco. and so is next weekend. and this month we host fleet week, the blue angels, america's cup. >> decompression. >> strictly bluegrass. ghost ship op treasure island. lots of really good things. lots of people coming into town. >> 2nd sundays. >> and again, more late-night food. >> all right. >> well, that will conclude the october 2, 2012 meeting. entertainment commission for the cabarrus of city and county of san francisco.
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